Many PCB designers think the silkscreen legend is not as important as circuit,so they didn’t care about the legend dimension and place position.As a PCB expert, we should consider these particular details.There are some tips for those new PCB designers.

PCB silkscreen automatical machine

PCB silkscreen automatical machine

The standard design of PCB Silkscreen:

Oil printing: The minimum character width is 5mil, height is 28mil, the whole legend width is


PCB silkscreen-1

Etching printing: The minimum character width is 8mil, height is 40mil,the whole legend width is 28mil.

PCB silkscreen-2

The Silkscreen don’t overlap with vias:

If the silkscreen printed on vias, vias will break the silkscreen lead to legend can’ be recognition.

PCB silkscreen-3

Silkscreen direction:

Silkscreen characters should follow direction order from left to right,from bottom to top. Do not use four directions when placed, this will lead to operator is very tired for degugging,maintenance, welding.

PCB silkscreen-4

Don’t place silkscreen on high speed signal track:

Dielectric related the impedance value, if place the silkscreen on high speed signal track will lead to dielectric become non-homogeneity then effect the impedance control.

PCB silkscreen-5


Heavy copper board silkscreen:

For heavy copper PCB,we should’t place the silkscreen place to the gap between copper and base material, as big difference of height of heavy copper PCB.

heavy copper PCB

PCB silkscreen printing should be neat, clear, no staggered except above mention.