Multilayer PCB have played the leading role as double side PCB is a far cry from meeting demands as upgrading constantly of electronic products in nowaday. Most PCB users don’t know what is the multilayer PCB lamination, let us learn it today.

Multilayer circuit boards lamination is all inner layer bonding in to a whole. The whole process includes kissing pressing, full pressing, cold pressing.During the kissing pressing phase, resin infiltrates the adhesive surface and fills the gaps in the track,then enters full pressing to bond all voids. The cold pressing is make the circuit board cooling quick and maintain a stable size.

First,Laminating process need pay attention PCB manufacturing design must meet the pressing requirements of inner layer. Mainly the core and pre-preg thickness, PCB working panel size, registration tooling holes, etc. Requires inner layer is no open/short circuit, no oxidation, no residual film.

Second, it need make black oxide treatment or brown oxide treatment of inner layer before pressing. Black oxide treatment is black oxide film formed inner copper layer, Brown oxide is organic film formed inner copper layer.

Finally, need pay attention the three main problems of temperature, pressure, time.Temperature,mainly is the resin melting temperature and curing temperature, hot plate set temperature, the actual temperature of material and changes of temperature. The pressure follow the principles of resin filled with voids of layers, discharge inter-layer gas and volatile. Time parameters, mainly the timing of pressure control,the timing of heating control, get time.etc.